rented a van and took a road trip out to kent to pick up a bike and a record player. my favorite part of england has been the countryside and the sea. 



country grammar

May 12, 2009

set out for dungeness, a desolate railway village, but never made it. i need to improve my map skills 😦 but cycling through sheep, horses, and open fields, not passing a single person for hours was pretty beautiful


siki siki baba

May 11, 2009

beirut at the paradiso, amsterdam




vauxhall and i

May 10, 2009

keep the pollution coming. sunsets from my window


wew at the windmill in brixton


hidden treasures? —- tank on mandela way, bermondsey


this is zammurad

April 5, 2009

say hi


changing of the guards.  the pom poms on their shoes are actually grenades.



April 5, 2009

greece (yay!)……..broken camera (booooo)